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tonight matthew i'm going to be...

tonight matthew i'm going to be...


2nd day of filming this week.
today was our ambitious, colourful studio shoot.

i got dressed for the occasion: spent all day cosy in my stars and stripes OnePiece.
if i could spend all day, everyday in a onepiece, i'd be a happy man.

someone at ch.4 doesn't like me wearing my sunglasses all the time.

which is a shame because i like wearing my sunglasses all the time...especially since i discovered 'black eyewear'.
i have 4 different pairs of zoot frames now: almost one for every occasion.
today's occasion was ivory
you can buy blackeye wear and sooo much more at ROOPEVINTAGE (the most dangerous shop in the world, for me)

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(photos. clara maidment)

quite a dramatic day.

i told a model to 'fuck.off: i don't want you on set', on camera, because she wouldn't wear something the stylist asked her to, again.

and later with the help of my fine crew and some good effort from the remaining models, we accomplished a spectacular, spectacularly hard shot which we never thought we'd get.

a good day at the office.
but a long one.

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kicking pair of trainers

kicking pair of trainers

safety shoes from REEBOK

they look silver in daylight but every time the flash goes off (or a light shines on them) they glow like this...

shiny and sweeeeet.