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the british racial democratic party

the british racial democratic party

i kicked myself last time i didn't photograph this dude when i drove past him.

so, despite running late for a meeting with levis, i HAD to stop and grab a couple of shots.

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death to the sheep

death to the sheep

i'm not entirely sure what the sketch is, but maybe (streetname) 'void' here MIGHT be the only/ founding member of the british racial democratic party (britdems).

i got a flyer, but i am still none the wiser.
there's some confusing banter HERE on the subject.

regardless of his political stance, i love his bespoke warrior look and i love how much he deliberately stands out from the crowds.

i'm developing a disgust of office workers who wear grey suits and think they're craaaaazy by accessorising with a colourful tie or socks.
trying to blend into the concrete is a bad look.

had a good meeting at LEVIS.
some really exciting shoots for them coming up, that some of you can get involved in.
more on this when it's announced officially

did NOT shoot ms de carle as planned today.

which was just as well as i had to run around town picking up props for the shoot in liverpool on monday.

RTF for the first time in a few days, driving at every grey suited office worker (roadkill/zombie) that dared to cross the road anywhere in front of the perou-mobile, exhausts roaring and me shouting 'die sheep' and laughing manically out of the window.