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foxy lady

foxy lady

after squash with my spanish lady friend and THE tawfiq, drove south to the homeland.

i forget how much i LOVE sussex.

kicked about some of the less salubrious parts though, taking photographs till 3am tomorrow

a tour between hove, brighton, eastbourne, hastings, newhaven, peacehaven etc.

stopping to drop off my brother's birthday present round midnight.

JUST after, we watched the car in front of us hit and run a cat, that was still twitching as we were pulling over and was (fortunately) dead by the time we got to it.

the brothers and sisters of this fox (that had also being playing squash today) were eating it in newhaven when we found it.
it stank...worse than a skank

leaving lewes, even after 2 red bulls, maria was still slumping forwards (asleep) in the mini-peroumobile.

stopped at my folks' house for some morning hours' sleep.