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oversaw the development of the BowBunker Gourmet Pizza Co. (with help from creative director mrs.perou, commander chris and diana) 

and watched (with trepidation) as the BowBunker white cove turned into a blue-black cove.

calming myself by repeating the words 'ANYTHING is possible at the bow bunker...depending on your budget'

tired before i began, drove north in the rain with my spanish lady friend.

first to coventry, which i had expected to be a pleasant cathedral town but which turned out to be unexpectedly grotty with a gnarly vibe on the street.

dinner should have been abandoned when the ordered (while we were thinking what to order) 'bread and butter' arrived as two pieces of lightly toasted brown, sliced bread, pre-buttered and cut into triangles.

struggled through a starter.
the waitress said 'how did you like it?'
'i didn't' i said, '...it was a bland and tasteless rip-off'

main course was worse: under the undefined sauce i could tell the chicken breast i had ordered had been microwave burnt before it was cooked and was dry.
i took a mouthful, stood up and left.

i regularly walk out of restaurants we're chancing on trips, that i can't eat the food in.
i used to feel awkward about it: not very british behaviour: grin and bear it...stiff upper lip etc.
now i know i gotta go.

it's funny how when i refuse to pay, i am always told 'nobody else has ever complained'

drove on to birmingham 
and photographed more urban night scenes.

we only verbally engaged with one (drunk) person.
a man who was completely baffled as to why i would be photographing what i was photographing.
going '...and somehow you have managed to enlist this woman to help you in your endeavours. what's that about?'

'i pay her' i said
'oh, is there much money in photographing these things...?' he asked
'no' i replied

checked into a hotel at 3.30am and out passed.