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happy fathers day

happy fathers day

my day was split in two: 

i had a little sleep in.

i vacuumed and dusted the interiors of the three vehicles parked on the perou-farm drive.

discovered that mr.bunny had a puppy-bum-blowout yesterday, at the point that everyone was going 'wooooah what's that smell?'

fixed mrs.perou's blown back brake light (this is not a euphemism for something more exciting)

had a sausage sandwich and DTT

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clownFACRCE at aura

clownFACRCE at aura

spent a while retouching urban night scenes, instead of disco-napping as intended.

lovely melinda came ova to bunker to throw me some slap on.

she wondered out loud, when was i going to grow up?
bit late for that now
silly question really as she was just applying clownface to my face on a sunday night.

drove to mayfair at speed, with tawfiq, chris, maria and james, scaring people along the way.
driving with the windows down (so there was less smell of mr.bunny's misadventure)

that was fun.

then there was 'perou's clownface at aura' which was not so much fun.

all left at 11.30pm disappointed but not so surprised.

i promise to not let people use my name in vain again.

went for a late kebabby in dalston which was fun.