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cider + fruit / everything

cider + fruit / everything

never work with animals or children
WHY didn't i listen?

spent a long day photographing 'kids' between 2 and 8yrs old, for day 1 of a 2 day campaign, as components of an advert for new computer software.

we had to shoot 6 different ethnic versions of each image, to cover each territory the software will be sold: black, asian, white slavic, caucasian, arabic and oriental

it was exhausting.
so much more effort in communicating with children than with adults, and emotions run high.

despite this, we had a good (long) day

there were no tears (although we only narrowly avoided this with the help of a mother's intervention)
we only ALMOST set one child on fire in front of his parents: one child was enjoying the warm feeling of the candles on a birthday cake and moved CLOSER instead of further away, at which point his hair started to singe.


up very late retouching ms.katie price.