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you know who are you

(all photos: maria monfort plana)

up early to people arriving (too) early for their shoot at the bunker.

by arrangement, you can start at anytime you want at the bunker: 24:7
not if we're not expecting you.

two, almost rival, magazines were in studios 1 and 2 today, shooting the same hopeless heroin addict, 'musician'.

only after everyone waiting all day for his arrival, this individual did not arrive.

apparently, at one point in the afternoon, he made it as far as the end of the street before changing his mind.

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my good friend, photographer sean pollock came over to show me his excellent new work which will soon be a best-selling book.

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in the evening, went with maria and commander chris to the truman brewery to see 'free range' an exhibition of LOTS of graduating students from several different colleges.

decided if i had a choice i'd rather go to edinburgh to study, than anywhere else: their overall quality of work was MUCH higher than that coming out of anywhere else.

and overall, despite the TONS of work we saw, maybe 5 out of 150(?) photographers were excellent and showed real promise and the rest was confused and dire.

there is too much bad photography mis-education in our country

there are WAAAAY too many photography students graduating into an industry in decline.
found it all quite troubling.