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absolutely floor less

absolutely floor less

self censorship.

i'ver got a big mouth and sometimes need to have someone explain when's a good time to up shut.
today's diary entry has been reworded and re-illustrated, to protect the 'innocent' / me: from causing offence / lawsuits.
started the day at a PPM (post production meeting) at an add agency in victoria, on a conference call with their/our client in amsterdam.
back to the bunker to finish retouching the complicated gig i'd taken on, requiring me to learn skills i didn't previously have.
i don't aspire to be a retoucher.
but i can't imagine being unable to do SOME retouching: it amazes me that some photographers can't.
it's the same kind of thrill and skill as doing your own printing.
long complicated gigs or bulk retouching will still get done by someone else, but for the occasional cunning application of digital slap: i'm here.

drove to super-hire in acton, arriving just as they were closing, to consider professional-looking, free-standing, chopping-blocks for the ad job on thursday.

continued on to reading.
in pursuit of these elusive night lit places that i'm assembling for a book project.

waiting for the dark, refuelled with delicious fajitas at my spanish lady friend's sister's house and met the much-talked about nephews.

finished late, again.
avoided slough (where mum-mum and dad-dad first lived together in a bed sit, on the steps of the mars bar factory) on the way back to london.

had to cut things short as we're unexpectedly shooting again tomorrow.