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a summer a fair

a summer a fair

twas the local village summer fete.

mrs.perou and jennifer were looking after the lucky dip shit.

for 40p (or £1 for three) children could sift a cup of sand to find hidden treasure: a cup with a few 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p's

this relies on the children having no sense of the value of money: no-one said 'so i give you 40p and i get back 13p in change??'

i was in the background shouting 'how do you sleep at night?'

z bought an acoustic guitar.

i ate a couple of burgers and drank a couple of ciders.

watched children dance around the maypole: an old pagan dance, wrapping ribbons round a phallus

enjoyed the 'who can catch the egg? contest best.

sons represented the family well in the tug-of-war (my back's gone ping so i couldn't)

left as the hay-bale tossing began.