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bored bunny

bored bunny

DTT at 3.30am in moonlight

retouched 1 royal blood picture for 6 hrs
till i got told a different picture had been chosen

drove past selfridges (returning unwanted mother's day present) to andy's in the west where i abandoned perou-mobile.

in some weeks, when i am reunited with it, it should have black powder coated wheels, new rear light clusters (incorporating fog and reversing lights), a reserved air bag and HUGE race brakes which might stand a better chance of stopping it when required.

took a tube back to the bunker

biked to the wrong place for a meeting
then biked to the right place for a meeting, arriving late

i was unable to use my crutches where i was going
so ended up walking for 90 mins without crutches, up and down stairs and along some.
not good

retouched some more royal blood pictures
swopped perou-bike for perou-batmobile and boosted home