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nothing like an english summer

nothing like an english summer

very amused by all the hot, summer vacation pictures our friends are posting on instagram

we continue to dodge rain storms in cornwall

sons ride horses 

and i recover from a bi-annual hangover, with kill-or-cure sloe gin

in an antique shoppe in lostwithiel, i say to lucy, 'i haven't got my reading glasses. what does this say?'

lucy hasn't got her reading glasses either and after peering at the label for a while, says deadpan, 'blurbblurbphleibblediddbleflurrr'

later i compliment myself on my sewing skills, but realise i have masterfully sewn the wrong button on the right shorts

mr.bunny (laziest dog in britain) thinks we're nuts because we walk places we could drive

and donald duck trump threatens north korea with 'fire and fury like the world has never seen before'