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this is not wiley

this is not wiley

this is our dear friend stew

(photo: z perou)

last night i DTT with man-flu, for an early start shoot today

i was supposed to be photographing the 'godfather of grime' wiley at the bunker (his favourite studio)

but unfortunately despite wiley being at the bunker all day, pushing back our shoot to do tv and radio interviews, to eat nando's and have a hair cut, when it was time to be photographed, he decided he didn't want to be photographed anymore.

unfortunately, this message wasn't delivered early enough or politely enough
one might say the delivery was kinda rude, actually

so i left the bunker to RTDDK early and pretty pissed off and i left a studio full of people going 'what a wanker' 
(and unusually they weren't talking about me)

in happier news, two years ago, we stuck a note through the letterbox of a dilapidated house with a hopeful, 'i don't suppose you'd like to sell us your house would you?'

two years ago, the owner said 'yes' 
and for the last two years we've been trying to make that happen

it's a fixer-upper
to put it mildly

the previous owners have been there for 37years
and have been collecting (and storing) for all that time.

should have /should be a tv show but we're going to be too busy to film it
there will of course be regular photo updates of the work in progress 

apologies that what was once a photo related diary might be more of a house renovating diary for a while
i continue to take pictures WHEN the people i'm photographing are polite enough to hang around.