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hairway to steven (reprise)

hairway to steven (reprise)

we commonly hear people going 'wow' when they walk past our house

it's undoubtedly because of how different it looks now
people remember when it had an old caravan in the front yard and trees were so overgrown they were almost completely obscuring the broken windows.

the first time i looked closely at the windows, i thought, 'those are nice berries on that tree' then i realised the tree was growing on the inside the building: inside of the windows.

for the first time, in long time, people can see the house
and the house is empty and it can breath again

this is what people see when we leave the front door open currently

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when our house was formerly a snooker club (after it was a grammar school, a house, a social club, bedsits and a house) the ballroom not only had carpet tiles GLUED to the sprung maple, wood floors, it was painted obligatory snooker hall red and black clash


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today we had the roof repaired, and we started cleaning windows on the ground floor

we finished ripping up the ancient, filthy, stinking brown carpet (but there's still more in the cellar) 

i removed about 1000 nails by hand

tonight i thought i'd shut the shutters in the ballroom, for the first time

and discovered someone had helpfully painted them red too.

arrgh: back to the 1980's

photographically, red, white and black are my all-time favourite colour combinations but on walls and a ceiling, it's awful