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free to a good home...

free to a good home...

i spend a lot of time at the dump

i know the employees by name and they know mine

i had to fill in a survey recently and they asked, 'how often do you visit the "recycling plant': monthly, weekly....'

'...daily', i said, to the surveyor's surprise

it's quite amazing how much STUFF is thrown away
discarded and abandoned 

caring about this, is the first step down a path of 'collecting'

had to leave the giant teddy bear behind

ali came down for lunch

continued with the stripping of the ball room ceiling.

i have now done 1/6th so i guess it's going to take 6 days of stripping to strip it.

it is not the kind of stripping i prefer.

some heavy things were removed from the cellar

heavier things could not be removed till heavier lifting equipment is utilised

spent the evening at a house warming party (not ours) with live music, local food and drinks.

mr. henry dagg was performing

his performance was genius: haven't laughed so much in AGES