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get well dad-dad

get well dad-dad

my dad's in hospital
he's had an on/off nosebleed over the last three weeks
usually starting while he's sleeping

been in to have his nose cauterised 3 times
hasn't fixed it

this morning he was taken by ambulance to brighton with a non stop nose bleed and after a night of attempts to stop the bleeding (burst artery) he was taken into theatre and had an operation

mum-mum, my brother and nina with him all night
everyone knackered 

dad recovering and now resting at home
not allowed to lie down for 3 nights

spare him some get well soon thoughts please: i'm a big believer in the power of collective thoughts

at the office, had another asbestos survey, which revealed a LOT more bad asbestos
it's all going to go
men in white suits, pressure locked decontamination areas etc.
bloody nuisance
we knew there was asbestos but not how much or what level of badness it was

i have ALMOST finished the ceiling the ballroom ceiling stripping.

one bit of good news: SGN are reconnecting the gas ten weeks sooner that they were going to


i'm about to catch up with marilyn manson, on tour, again.
oh oh