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work in progress

work in progress

not all the original features remain at new old house

contrary to local mythology

there was no roman gold (hidden under the 11 tons of rubbish)
...or maybe there was, but we missed it 

this is not an adams fireplace

this is fireplace neil trying to work out what this is stuffed up the chimney

we have decided it is an extractor fan, from the nightclub era of new old house

pulling smoke and sweat out

allegedly, where neil is standing on the lighter wood, there was a hole in the floor so people could look down to the dance floor below.


there is an empty aquarium in the cellar, under this fireplace, place.

dancing with the fishes

also, on the wall, you can see the shadow of the large mirror that was on the wall when we agreed to buy the house and wasn't there when we took possession of it

we've had to buy it back.

had to.

we will slowly be restoring what has been bastardised and removed.

fortunately all windows and shutters are original, the roof is good and there's not too many cracks in the building, despite being 214 years old and next to a railway.

we didn't have a survey when we bought the house

for a few reasons

1. the surveyor wouldn't have been able to see anything because it was SO full of 'stuff'

2. whatever the surveyor said wouldn't have stopped us from buying it


3. i'd rather spend thousands on repairing things than on being told i need to repair things