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the point

the point

something else i hadn't considered: that we'd have to re-point new/old house

of course, it can't be repointed with cement: it has to be repointed in lime and OF COURSE, our building can't be repointed in regular lime it has to be repointed in the 'mentally expensive' lime.

"repointing is the most expensive thing you can do on a house: £50 a square meter"

before it's repointed, what's left of the mushy is ground out (pictured)

and OF COURSE the repointing needs doing top to bottom, so we'll need top to bottom scaffold.

then while we have the scaffold up it would be STUPID not to recondition all the upper windows NOW instead of when we can afford to do them.

'it's like a can of worms: one thing leads to another'