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happy valentines day

happy valentines day

early drive to gatwick

sitting on the shuttle bus from long stay to terminal, checked emails

email congratulating me suggests i check my national lottery account online.

yesterday i bought 3 tickets for the £122million euro lottery.
thought it might help with new/old house refurb

tremendously excited: started reading the email: ‘you have WON’… 


flew to bologna in italy with maria
for a little shoot with
lars ulrich of metallica

shot backstage in a little, airless room before the sold out show

mid shoot, i reversed to get a wider shot, backing into the door which locked shut

couldn’t open it from the inside and nobody had a key on the outside
my jokes about how the show couldn't go on because i’d locked the drummer in a room so he couldn’t escape my shoot started amusing
then became kinda real

and as claustrophobia started kicking in for all gathered, lars instructed them outside to kick in the door, which they did.

had a good shoot
metallica played an EPIC set in the middle of a stadium FULL of people screaming along
so hard. so good