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I want to ride my (motor) bicycle

I want to ride my (motor) bicycle

stopped at herr doktor to see if he had a clue what's going on with one's knee: the one i DIDN'T break hurts a lot when I drive for more than 30 mins.

he prescribed a physiotherapist, in one month

biked to sussex to see geoff for a birthday lunchtime drink

had a glorious ride, getting lost somewhere between tunbridge wells and ashdown forest: riding through little lanes, lined with bluebells with the sunlight flickering through trees, the smell of wild garlic in the air and NO traffic: wonderful

arrived 90 mins early for lunch so stopped at my mum and dad's on my way to haywards heath and caught up with my bother and nina too

i rode 81 miles there (and 81 ish back)
geoff rode 42miles on a push bike in two hours before we met

lunch at the 'red lion' in lindfield with geoff and ollie (my other godson)

and biked back to kent but through heavy school run traffic then rush hour traffic: the ride back was much less enjoyable

z has made it into the B team for tennis at school

maximum had his first day of GCSE exams 

lucy has been planting catnip around: happy's going to be even more happy (stoned) soon