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speak your minds

speak your minds

a charming,former child actress and Harry Potter cast member, now writer, came to new/old house to interview me for the RPS (royal photographic society) magazine 

the interview needed to be conducted in the adam's room because the sound of windows being refurbished, which was inconveniently deafening.

had a reasonably good conversation in which I struggled to remain positive

somewhere towards the end of two hours, I may have lost my concentration, thinking 'this is all just words' 

words are so important though

find me on a different day and i might talk from a completely different perspective with total contrary onions opinions
the last interview i did for the creative review which was HUGELY negative (two days after the NME folded) was edited into some wonderfully positive rant about how 'it doesn't matter what you use to make a photo: it matters what you make a photo of'