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pretty arent i?

pretty arent i?

at least when i went to the dentist today, the extraction went well

at least the root didn't snap off and anthony, my dentist (for over 30yrs) didn't need to cut my gum, flap it back, remove some of my jaw bone (apparently it grows back) and dig out the bits of remaining root before stitching my gum back up.

back in a week to take out the stitches

back in 3-4 months for it all to heal and for the temporary bridge to be replaced with a new one.

had so much anaesthetic my left eye was pulsing and i was shaking when i rinsed out after.

somehow biked back to the big house to relocate the opiates, change into pyjamas, post this and go to bed.

night night

RIP anthony bourdain