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ZIP it

ZIP it

slept in till the dump opened

i reckon i've personally delivered over 50 trucks of cardboard/ wood/ glass/ plastic/ garden waste/ rubble etc... to the dump since october

i go almost daily
sometimes 2 or 3 times a day

from the house that keeps on giving.

DTT for chorizo hash and bucks fizz at hackney wick's breakfast club

how places change and exist only as people-who-were-there's memories

hard to remember that block when it was just a field, that me, Lucy and Stratford rolled around in, taking photos in 2000 AD
before it was a gypsy settlement
before it was the olympics
before it was 'here east'

I think about places becoming memories as they change, always when I pass centre point in London and think about the bands I've seen playing in the Astoria (RIP)

and the night on the roof of 'rouge' (RIP) with Marilyn manson and godfreid helwein, when manson was shouting amusing abuse, through a loud hailer to people on the street, that didn't know where the shouting was coming from, or who was shouting at them.

that place 'rouge' was 'the poster studios' before it was 'rouge': we had an aftershow party there with my pictures projected onto the wall as people danced 
alexander mc queen, me, and a mutual friend up in the loft: one of two times lee was at a party of mine needing somewhere quiet.

our new/old house aka 'the big house' is completely changed too
we can only just remember what it was like when we first moved in...

rendezvoused with Ali, Emma, maximum and z in lambeth

took sons on ZIP NOW the 'biggest, fastest inner-city zip line' in archbishops park.
was over very quickly
and only a little wobbly at the top
good views tho

z had a nose bleed on his return to ground level that lasted most of the way home

returned to watch pre-recorded England vs Panama 
I usually have zero interest in football but I love the World Cup