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copal, honest guv

copal, honest guv

burning copal is one of our favourite smells (after tom ford's tobacco oud) 

its old Mexican tree sap (aka young amber) that you can burn to make delicious smoke to keep off mosquitos and cleanse yourself spiritually (man)

its expensive in England.

in the market in Tulum its not so expensive 

thought it would be a good idea to travel with it in my hand luggage in case I had to discuss

not so strangely whisked to one side at security, where I had to explain the kilo and a bit of crack, in a ziplock, in my hand luggage was in fact copal: an incense, with a street value of $10 not $1000000

fortunately was not cavity searched to see if I had any more copal hiding anywhere else.

did not sleep on the plane, despite flying in comfortable class: I have sitting-still-issues that date back to my being restrained in a bed for months when I was a 3yr old (in hospital, when I broke my neck)

jet-lagged out the wazoo now

good and bad to be home: good to see sons, sad to not still be able to walk into a warm sea each morning