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all cats are bastards

all cats are bastards

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it's like the cat is trying to leave musical notation on the maple floor of our bedroom

is it the tune to 'three blind mice'?

if i don't remove the mouse, he eats it ALL except the tail

in the last three days I have either removed 12 whole, or just tails of, mice

he's on a full mouse genocide

not from inside the house either: he brings IN live mice so he can kill them in front of us like a super-sadist.

sometimes the cat likes to lead the mice to a hole in the floorboards and the mouse gets to think it's safe...but then happy 'happy' is waiting silently and patiently for however long it takes for the mouse to reappear, then he plays 'splat the rat' and bites the mouse's nose off.

it's a horror show.
with a terrified 'squeak squeak' soundtrack

as the cat likes to sleep on lucy's head, it's only a matter of time before he brings her a live or bleeding mouse


we have cleaning materials on hand to now to regularly disinfect the floor.

in other news, the announcement yesterday that we're leaving the bunker has been met with some shock and sympathy

not so much a PR disaster, but it was a decision we made to leave: not something we were forced into or that we had to do in urgent need.

it's a good thing and I'm happy about it: the future isn't orange

thankyou thankyou

i AM lucky perou 

thank gods I'm not a mouse in this house