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communication is key

communication is key

belinda, glyn, stu and annabel came over to help us see in the new year

after a decent barrage of fireworks from the roof of our new/old house, saw sons to bed after midnight and slipped out for a vicars and tarts party down the road

(of course) i went in 5" stripper heels and a smut t-shirt changed to sLut

was fun till i got knocked into, mid champagne sipping, amidst rowdy karaoke and got my front tooth chipped 

probably better my tooth chipped than the glass in my mouth

bed round 4am

super tired today

but went for a bracing dog walk along the beach at seasalter with lucy and sons

then watched movies in front of the fire in the library

not a bad way to start the year

suppose i better work out some resolutions

what's yours?