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between 1976 and 1979 our house was a nite club called 'blades club'

cost 50p for entry

sam, who has helped us out with various things since we've been here, remembers falling down the cellar stairs, drunk, and hitting his head on the entrance door.

brilliantly, the genius owners of 'blades' cut a large semi-circular hole in the floor of the ground floorboards (and through the main beam supporting the ground floor) so people on the ground floor could look down to the dance floor in the cellar.
(now fortunately repaired)

blades was a venue where people from sittingbourne would come to fight with people from faversham

a good place to get stabbed in an appropriately named club

shut after 3 years because of all the 'trouble'

we have restored the cellar bar 

we will not be reopening 'blades' 

this original polaroid from the late 70's was found here amongst the 43 tons of other treasures we inherited