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beauty and the beast

beauty and the beast

DTT for a little theatre show shoot

Gwendoline Christie comes in greeting me like an old friend saying, 'hi, I haven't seen you for 22 years!'

I have been known to forget someone I met on set on Thursday by the following Tuesday, so I might have been forgiven for this slip.

fortunately lovely Gwendoline reminded me that when she was 18, we used to hang out in the same circle (social circle) and I had wanted to photograph her (of course) but never did

22years later, years after she became a world famous actress, with years of me watching 'game of thrones' oblivious, i finally got to.

SO lovely to see her: thrilled for her success (and she made it DESPITE me not photographing her way back when: shock) 

good to catch up talking about all our mutual friends and remembering THE OFFSET

RTK tired, feeling short: I used to be the same height as Gwendoline: this photo illustrates how much I'm shrinking :o 

and offended that Maria and Melinda BOTH gave my home-made flapjack a swerve