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3:33 half evil

3:33 half evil

it's happening again: getting my days (and nights) confused in the company of Marilyn Manson

after the bratwurst and tv shootings, went over to Manson's house last night(?)
with all the pictures paul put on pages, to jam out the words
for the/our book

just me and him talking for 6hrs straight
only interrupted by an occasional visit from a cat

we recorded the last three hours of conversation on both our phones: one on audio, one on video.
ALL our recollections and anecdotes of 21yrs making pictures together
SOME will find their way into the book

left at 3:33 which seemed half appropriate

redbull is my friend

4hrs later, started the (next) day with lunch and a cocktail with lady lucy, zepure and madelyn

and a mooch about pasadena old town with lucy and zepure

have been telling Z that Tesla X's are ugly and dull 
(OBVIOUSLY he should have a Nissan 370 Z as his first car...if people are still allowed to drive then)

at the Tesla showroom in Pasadena, I changed my mind
and will turn my cadillac escalade into a Tesla X when i do.

picked up lights and bill's boy Jake (now renamed 'Lil' Bill' forever by manson)
and drove over to manson's place
for a new, really EPIC shoot

finished victorious, some time after 3am again

this shoot was brought to you by REDBULL and pizza (for me and lil' bill: not MM)

and now I'm up again, after 4 hrs sleep, confused about what day it is, again


my beautiful lady Lucy and me try to

(and maybe make notes: they might come in useful)

love love love