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through the arched window again

through the arched window again

the thing I hate most about living in a house while it's being renovated is the almost constant dust

the repair of each of these arched windows is generating TONS of black, sooty dust which is getting everywhere and driving me insane

when these four front windows are done, we'll have a deep clean and then wait for six weeks till Martin returns to do the big, back kitchen window and everything will be covered in dust again.

when ALL the windows are done and all the pointing is done and all the landscaping is done, we'll have a deep clean

I long for that day: it couldn't come soon enough: I have renovation fatigue

today I went for a hearing test re: my new tinnitus and the constant ringing in my ears

only when I got to specsavers (who also do hearing tests) they said, 'oh sorry our audiologist doesn't work wednesdays'

'then why did you let me book an appointment then?' (incompetent life wasters)

useless people offend me

today I came out the house to find the phantom 'knob in the dirt' artist drawing me a new one on the dusty back of the perou-mobile.

'NO THANKS' I said

'sorry' they said sheepishly

I texted Lucy to tell her

she replied, 'those three are a couple'

spent the evening covering the library in dust sheets

in between all that, I'm STILL trying to transcribe the 3.5hr conversation I had with Marilyn Manson when we went through all the shots in the book. 

the auto-transcriber was on drugs:

wrote 'Marilyn Manson' as 'marry medicine', 'perou' as 'a room' and 'dita' maybe more appropriately as 'detail'

perhaps I should leave it all as is?