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photo booth

photo booth

mooched about the nautical festival in Faversham in the morning and loaded up on bread, buns and peonies in the market

had a splendid afternoon burn about kent on perou-bike

then drove to southwest of London to our friend's lee and tara's joint 50th birthday party at their epic, STUNNING house

probably one half of the country's top comedic talent was there

which was quite surreal

I had to stop myself from bothering Milton jones and Marcus brigstocke: Marcus was GENIUS at latitude last year with his performance of LUCIFER

nice to catch up with John Bishop again and I got to tell bobby ball he was the immelda Marcos of comedy (after we exchanged appreciation of each other's outfits)

although I have some friends who are photographers, I doubt there'll be 100 of the top British photographers (who are my mates) at my 50th

was a wonderful party

back late to new/old house and mr bunny busting for a whizz