Perous Secret Diary2 - Stay Out! Photo diary of photographer Perou 10247 Perou March 21, 2018: 5 ways March 21, 2018

finished returning the railings back to their original black, in honour of the late king george

resisted the urge to return them to their original, baby blue, pink and pea green circa 'blades' nightclub in the 70's

fitted a fire escape

service the butcher's bike (my butcher's bike: not a random butcher's bike) and cycled to tescos for dinner stuffs

took down the pinned up flags and fitted blinds op top floor

pre-production on the (photo/design) workshop i'll be doing in april, with microsoft and adobe
my brief is 'blow people's minds'
no guns
further details as it becomes pubic (sic)

made lemonade 

appealed a parking ticket

enjoyed 'gundelach' new track 'iron' LOUD

btw. there will be new T-shirts soon 
first since 'stratford squirrel killer' shirts happened in...2004(?)

they will feature mr.bunny, rightly
currently under design: more info to follow when they're coming...

10246 Perou March 20, 2018: PIGS March 20, 2018

a bold statement

with confused annotations

what they teaching kids at school these days?

these are penises not pigs

10245 Perou March 19, 2018: PRESS FOR HELP March 19, 2018

not in use


keep pressing this button but no-one comes to the rescue

today i tried to break a toe

10243 Perou March 18, 2018: snow no show March 18, 2018

DTT in the snow, uneasy like sunday morning 

for a beauty shoot 

but the model didn't show 

so after mr.bunny and maria had a shower together RTK with a clean dog and no pictures

not a good day at the office

here's our newly detangled, ivy free, cooking apple tree

looking forward to some pies later this year

10244 Perou March 18, 2018: March 18, 2018