Perous Secret Diary2 - Stay Out! Photo diary of photographer Perou 9990 Perou October 19, 2017: hit me with your rhythm stick October 19, 2017


freed the front windows from the sleeping beauty style thorn forest blocking all the light from getting in

freed the 'flow' (of air and energy) through the ground floor by taking down the boards blocking passages and doorways

discovered four ground level windows that make the cellar a lower ground floor and not a cellar anymore.

had an alarm/cctv survey

met some more friendly neighbours


9989 Perou October 18, 2017: call the cops (again) October 18, 2017

a busy day at our new old house

most people have some kind of religious conversion on arrival and walk about going 'JESUS CHRIST', 'OH MY GOD', 'JESUS!'

i said to the locksmith, who had told me that i was very brave, not to say anything like that when he met my wife later.

the first thing he said to lucy was, 'you're brave moving to a house like this'


i caused another rail incident

this time, we were first visited by two network rail crew, and then a network rail operations manager and three british transport police.

'we've had reports of a lady waving a metal rod, standing on a wall'

that was sean, putting up 130ft of razor wire along our perimeter 

sorting this took a while, standing in the rain, with the police and network rail
but was eventually resolved

a lesson in mediation and negotiation: a new 'me': not starting with 'fuck you and fuck off'

so we were allowed to finish with the razor wire defences
HOPEFULLY our new old house will be less burgled than it was previously

also had new door locks and window locks fitted, had a security grill survey, electric survey and a roof survey

lunch with lucy and melinda (down for the day) at the railway tavern which served a very tasty lunch

dropped the perou-batmobile to sittingbourne for upgraded audio head unit, speakers, dabs aerial, central locking and USB ports 

and our resident permit parking came through
NOT that we'll be leaving our cars on the road overnight  

9987 Perou October 17, 2017: October 17, 2017

9988 Perou October 17, 2017: just a minute October 17, 2017

a short happy shoot with nicholas parsons and paul merton


6.5hrs driving

9984 Perou October 16, 2017: whoops apocalypse October 16, 2017