Perous Secret Diary2 - Stay Out! Photo diary of photographer Perou 10974 Perou December 12, 2018: wooooooooah this tiger's on fire December 12, 2018

thought i was just going to BCS to reset the lights but ended up taking pictures

went with richard, who's doing some video now

left sneezing uncontrollably 

it is fair to say, we're getting somewhere 

patience pays off

10973 Perou December 11, 2018: gimp December 11, 2018

went to a property auction

expecting a property to go for a lot more than it did and was so surprised it didn't, didn't bid

then spent the rest of the day regretting not bidding

expect to see me and Lucy looking sheepish at the back of a Kentish auction on 'homes under the hammer' sometime soon.

10968 Perou December 10, 2018: off down t' mine December 10, 2018

DTT early, for HOURS, to shoot a poster for the english national opera

had a happy but quiet shoot: i usually work (best) with music playing loud

sometimes loud opera

could be anything from cliff Richard (she's a devil woman), to Marilyn Manson to Barbara Streisand 

like to mix that shit up

10969 Perou December 10, 2018: December 10, 2018

10970 Perou December 10, 2018: December 10, 2018