Perous Secret Diary2 - Stay Out! Photo diary of photographer Perou 9695 Perou April 29, 2017: carpets April 29, 2017

ripped up a few carpets

exposing tiles and floorboards

no hidden cellar doors though, sadly

DTT with lucy, sons and dog

come on anthony joshua!

9694 Perou April 28, 2017: rape me April 28, 2017

9692 Perou April 27, 2017: black celebration April 27, 2017

which of you funny fuckers powder coated my 24" chrome rims, black?

and then re-wired the rear light clusters and fitted HUGE race brakes

really, you didn't need to

but thanks 

9693 Perou April 27, 2017: April 27, 2017

9691 Perou April 26, 2017: no filter April 26, 2017

took a train to london :/

did my VAT return 

retouched some more pictures of marilyn manson

and did some others of the chef, david carter from smokestak

tried to fix the gear pedal on perou-bike, unsuccessfully

drove the perou-batmobile to victoria park, towards the west, before i was told the perou-mobile (proper) was not ready

it hailed, thundered and struck lightning above the bunker

cooked myself a casserole my aunt pat taught me: cheese, tomatoes, bacon and onions
i might actually play my bass guitar tonight: it would be the first time in over a year