Perous Secret Diary2 - Stay Out! Photo diary of photographer Perou 10521 Perou July 19, 2018: through the arched window July 19, 2018

z by lucy

DTT via macro for good shootings with 'anna calvi' at the bunker

someone PLEASE invent teleportation

i'm so over driving cars in slow moving traffic

10520 Perou July 18, 2018: room from a view July 18, 2018

looking out our bedroom window over the train station

DTT with maximum, via the dump

picked up cameras and lights and drove to kingston

4hr commute to work

photographed lovely cathie pilkington with her work, her husband bob and her one eyed pug, tulip


got our friends mike and romana to witness our signatures

lasagne for dinner: you can call me al garfield

10518 Perou July 17, 2018: quelling rumours as they happen July 17, 2018

fear not friends

we are not putting a new door on our old house

10519 Perou July 17, 2018: four colours of door July 17, 2018

it's the same old door being repaired and rehung

so we'll be able to open it properly for the first time since we moved in, in october last year

we dont like 'new' that's why we bought an old house

10498 Perou July 16, 2018: LATITUDE catch up bumper pack July 16, 2018

was off grid at latitude festival, and happier for it.

had wonderful time

LOVED marcus brigstocke doing 'lucifer' genius

also IAMDDB, MOGWAI, the breeders (briefly), harry hill (unexpectedly) mo gilligan, first bit of JAMES, simon evans, (half time not members present) wolf alice, MNEK and awesome awesome IDOLS (again)

and other tings i already forgot

missed liam's secret gig: just caught the last minute of 'live forever'

not a spot of rain