Perous Secret Diary2 - Stay Out! Photo diary of photographer Perou 10784 Perou September 21, 2018: September 21, 2018

found this in the dirt, in the yard of the bunker yesterday

last night i was awake between 1 and 3: woken by the wind, and the railway workers chatting outside the house

so i got up and watched a youtube video on spear fishing in patagonia and tried to work out which buoy i should buy

made myself a pint of hot chocolate and listened to my japanese sister, nanaco's new EP

too tired to realise (till later this morning) the synchronicity we often share: i was listening to her song 'king of the wind' as our window shutters were offering some additional percussion

spent ALL today making wooden shelves and learning about the importance of accurate measurements

tonight we might cook the apples from our new/old apple tree

10782 Perou September 20, 2018: how i roll, unfortunately September 20, 2018

was having a great boost into london this morning: relishing all the gridlocked traffic and even the accident blocking the blackwall tunnel

until the noise like coins in a washing machine grew louder and louder

AA came to bunker and said it was a broken clutch plate and they couldn't fix it.

had a me-ting with some (more) developers interested in the bunker and paul came to service the gates

hours later i was sharing a ride in a yellow transit back east

when perou-bike got to grubs he immediately RE-diagnosed it as a loose exhaust baffle

i coulda ridden home in style 

whole AA experience was not necessary but i did get a potted history of latvia on the journey which was quite interesting

back at home, continued to make book shelves which is stretching my arithmetic and DIY skills: going round skirting boards and cornice unlike previous owners of new/old house (PRE: mave and brian) who favoured cutting through things

lucy has previously been quite dismissive of my shelf making attempts, so the pressure is on...

10783 Perou September 20, 2018: not guilty September 20, 2018

this friendly latvian AA man was not the AA man who wrongly diagnosed the fault and wasted my afternoon AFTER the double insult of suggesting i should buy a new triumph bobber thing, which wouldn't break down as often

paul the gate (service) man also suggested i should get a triumph or a can am spyder

10781 Perou September 19, 2018: noun September 19, 2018

an improbable device resolving difficulties of a plot

10780 Perou September 18, 2018: gender confusion September 18, 2018

is it male, female and one-half-female-one-half-male?

does it make a difference if you're left half male or right half male?

i grew up in simpler times

isn't this just a unisex toilet?

should we have more annotations for other genders?

there are 13 apparently: pick a gender

i'm told i'm 'cisgender male' because i was born with a penis and consider 'that my male gender matches that which i was assigned at birth'

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