Perous Secret Diary2 - Stay Out! Photo diary of photographer Perou 11375 Perou April 17, 2019: illuminati April 17, 2019

have been meaning to post this railway footbridge being rebuilt in faversham for a while

but i got some busy on

perhaps this is a good time to mention the @visitfaversham #capturefaversham photo competition that i've been kindly asked to judge

there's a chance to win a weekend break in faversham (not at our house) and other prizes and be part of the exhibition that follows

to enter, take interesting photos of faversham (not of our house) and hashtag #capturefaversham when posting on anti-social media

more details on the @visitfaversham facebook page n'ting

11376 Perou April 17, 2019: April 17, 2019

picked up maria from charing train station and drove over to the big cat sanctuary for a last shoot and chocolate cake

sad to conclude this project but now there's a ton of post to do and organise the exhibtiion, print auction, book and merch

them people at BCS are lovely and it's been challenging but fun working there with them and the cats

unpretentious and ego free shoots: not ALL my shoots are like this

looking forward to sharing the pictures soon

après shoot, returned maria to the train station and returned to the georgian mansion house that keeps on giving: donned a sperm suit and carried on grinding out old lime mortar

11374 Perou April 16, 2019: tulip April 16, 2019

to london town with z again

this time to do some photos with my friend cathie pilkington: britain's greatest living female sculptress

this is her one-eyed pug, tulip

i loves her

11340 Perou April 15, 2019: EXTINCTION REBELLION April 15, 2019

spent half a day raking out lime mortar then caught a train to london town with z

to catch the EXTINCTION REBELLION protests shutting down central london: closing roads with trees

missed the three-people-super-gluing-themselves-to-the-shell-building, after smashing it's windows and spraying graffiti over it

but here's a bumper pack of what we DID see for y'all

bear with it: there's some greats

11341 Perou April 15, 2019: April 15, 2019