Perous Secret Diary2 - Stay Out! Photo diary of photographer Perou 9801 Perou June 23, 2017: June 23, 2017

to folkestone with lucy for salt and pepper squid and chips lunch on the beach

decadent fridays

9800 Perou June 22, 2017: ice ice baby June 22, 2017

drove mr.bunny to town in the perou-batmobile

his ears were flapping in the wind

mine were not

shooting at the bunker with mike hughes, paul not peter and melinda

late lunch on hackney wick canal


9799 Perou June 21, 2017: hottest dog of the year, so far June 21, 2017

DTT at 4am

slept till 8am

dusted the yard

washed the corvette

spent the day in studio with natalie sharp, maria and a module

doing alternative beauty


SLOW heavy traffic while i fried in the open top adventure

to herne bay

to see grubs to hear just how knackered peroubike is


9797 Perou June 20, 2017: i-spy June 20, 2017

to ardingly international antique fair, again

this time we were excited to come home with...

this AWESOME blue black bird eating spider from PERU (!)

(we're soft on anything from PEROU)

some pretty shit but colourful art from a goldsmiths' student circa 1966

a glass dome with a french wedding thing in it: gold (and gaudy) and mirrored

and a 1950's, wooden, hospital tea cart

what treasures

could have easy blown a few thousand pounds on other old shit we wanted but couldn't justify (yet)

now we just need a house to put our shit in

9798 Perou June 20, 2017: June 20, 2017

yes, it's huge and it's got purple, hairy legs