Perous Secret Diary - Stay Out! Photo diary of photographer Perou 10974 Perou December 12, 2018: wooooooooah this tiger's on fire December 12, 2018

thought i was just going to BCS to reset the lights but ended up taking pictures

went with richard, who's doing some video now

left sneezing uncontrollably 

it is fair to say, we're getting somewhere 

patience pays off

10973 Perou December 11, 2018: gimp December 11, 2018

went to a property auction

expecting a property to go for a lot more than it did and was so surprised it didn't, didn't bid

then spent the rest of the day regretting not bidding

expect to see me and Lucy looking sheepish at the back of a Kentish auction on 'homes under the hammer' sometime soon.

10968 Perou December 10, 2018: off down t' mine December 10, 2018

DTT early, for HOURS, to shoot a poster for the english national opera

had a happy but quiet shoot: i usually work (best) with music playing loud

sometimes loud opera

could be anything from cliff Richard (she's a devil woman), to Marilyn Manson to Barbara Streisand 

like to mix that shit up

10969 Perou December 10, 2018: December 10, 2018

10970 Perou December 10, 2018: December 10, 2018

10971 Perou December 10, 2018: December 10, 2018

10972 Perou December 10, 2018: December 10, 2018

took 3 HOURS to drive home 
just sheer weight of traffic

5.5hrs commuting today

came back to news that my dear uncle ken (my dad's brother) was taken suddenly ill and rushed into hospital for emergency surgery.
which has gone well and he is recovering 
but he could do with good healing vibes from all who care to spare and send them.

10967 Perou December 09, 2018: CIVIL DEFENCE December 09, 2018

this poet was a bit shit

10966 Perou December 08, 2018: big hat gang December 08, 2018

DTT leaving sons behind

for dinner with crispy, sang and friends at quo vardis, after some champagne in 76 dean street opposite

left at 11.30pm 
home by 1.30am tomorrow

10965 Perou December 07, 2018: the sky at night (remix) December 07, 2018

an exaggerated view from my office window

DTT to the bunker, to collect a tin sign i've owned for 27yrs and accidentally left behind, behind the stack of polyboards in studio 2
it was raining and the bunker felt cold, and empty (of course)

elvis has left the building

couldn't leave there quick enough today

drove further central for northface supplies
a van clipped the wing-mirror of perou-mobile and knocked the mirror out. 

returned east for lunch with Abrar at shoreditch house

SH was full of generic, hip-looking 20-30yr olds unaware (as I was at that age) that by the time they're in the 40's they and their friends would ALL be personally dealing with one or more life-challenging issues like death, rehab, mental health, illness, affairs, unemployment / redundancy, court cases, debt and or divorce.

pick an issue

I don't mean to sound depressing here but I was just struck in that moment, by how you're oblivious to what's coming when you're younger and everything seems ahead of you. 

maybe it was just me at 30: i had no idea what the future held for me and my friends.
there was no future planning
we should have read the manual.

RTK to watch a spike lee film in front of the fire with lucy and sons, cat and dog
the christmas tree is up and the fairy lights are sparkling 

our kitchen units are still under construction
there is a less-than-thin veneer of dust over everything on the ground floor

(this has almost been a perpetual state for new/old house since we took over last october)

the lower ground floor (blades) ceiling is now half insulated

drank my first can of cider in 3 weeks.

work and life continues...