Perous Secret Diary - Stay Out! Photo diary of photographer Perou 9695 Perou April 29, 2017: carpets April 29, 2017

ripped up a few carpets

exposing tiles and floorboards

no hidden cellar doors though, sadly

DTT with lucy, sons and dog

come on anthony joshua!

9694 Perou April 28, 2017: rape me April 28, 2017

9692 Perou April 27, 2017: black celebration April 27, 2017

which of you funny fuckers powder coated my 24" chrome rims, black?

and then re-wired the rear light clusters and fitted HUGE race brakes

really, you didn't need to

but thanks 

9693 Perou April 27, 2017: April 27, 2017

9691 Perou April 26, 2017: no filter April 26, 2017

took a train to london :/

did my VAT return 

retouched some more pictures of marilyn manson

and did some others of the chef, david carter from smokestak

tried to fix the gear pedal on perou-bike, unsuccessfully

drove the perou-batmobile to victoria park, towards the west, before i was told the perou-mobile (proper) was not ready

it hailed, thundered and struck lightning above the bunker

cooked myself a casserole my aunt pat taught me: cheese, tomatoes, bacon and onions
i might actually play my bass guitar tonight: it would be the first time in over a year

9690 Perou April 25, 2017: low maintenance garden April 25, 2017

only needs cutting once a year

and someone else pays someone else to do it

takes a man called paul 8 weeks to trim the the topiary

9689 Perou April 24, 2017: front of house April 24, 2017

9688 Perou April 23, 2017: here is the house... April 23, 2017

...where it all happens.

(and i feel your warmth
and it feels like home)

we've been here 13months now
surrounded by 250 acres of forest
in silence
punctuated by birds singing in the day and owls hooting at night

i thought i might miss perou-farm
but this was the right next move

9687 Perou April 22, 2017: war of tug April 22, 2017

a little light shopping in westfield and some rounds of pingpong before we left bunker and RTDKK

i WAS supposed to be going on perou-bike, but of course, as i tried to leave the gear pedal dislocated itself and i couldn't get a good enough repair to ride

back at home, broke my cider and chocolate fast: self medicating with both

and breathe...

9685 Perou April 21, 2017: barbelo April 21, 2017

spent some of the day photographing and tweaking my friend annabel's product pictures

i HATE still life and pack shots, more than i HATE wedding photography (didn't even shoot my brother's wedding photos)

mind numbingly boring

regardless, super annabel has some really super handmade-in-marhside products that you can't buy in shoppes

you can check her website (soon) HERE or for early follows @barbelo on instaglam

lucy, sons and dog DTT and we all went for dinner at delicious SMOKESTAK in shoreditch 

felt like i was having a food baby after: ate SO much