Perous Secret Diary - Stay Out! Photo diary of photographer Perou 10915 Perou November 13, 2018: dawn November 13, 2018

10913 Perou November 12, 2018: November 12, 2018

10914 Perou November 12, 2018: November 12, 2018

10912 Perou November 11, 2018: blades 2018 November 11, 2018

work in progress

10909 Perou November 10, 2018: sorting November 10, 2018

this ol' mask from my childhood has been following me from house to house

lucy HATES it

10910 Perou November 10, 2018: November 10, 2018

10911 Perou November 10, 2018: November 10, 2018

i think it's special, no?

maybe its just me (who's special)?


10908 Perou November 09, 2018: completion November 09, 2018


one of the fibreglass busts of me (without ears) than neil gorton used when we did the 125 future story together

now home, adorning the fridge

shame he doesn't work in bronze
i look weird without ears

10907 Perou November 08, 2018: south faversham November 08, 2018

(gonna getcha)

DTT in old perou-mobile RTK in new perou-mobile

another cadillac escalade but the new one's 4 years younger, has done 130,000 LESS miles and is powered by a 6.2ltr v8, 403bhp 4WD

soon to be LPG

last pick up and clear up at the bunker.
someone came for the pingpong table
no-one came for the ever-hard to re-home stainless steel table that I had made for the perou-factory in 2001
so i offered it to the guy who came for the pingpong table
he didnt want it but his man with a van, from Latvia, said he'd like it for his mum who lived in a village 1300miles away.
which made me happy.
I said I'd love a picture of it in situ when it gets there.

as I drove away from the bunker (and the that chapter of associated life) I didn't look back 
i feel strangely ambivalent and disconnected.

time to re-order and regroup.
next chapter 
next challenge
got to keep moving or we atrophy 

10906 Perou November 07, 2018: this time with emotion...i mean, books November 07, 2018

DTT in another van 

to help che out

and to return to perou HQ with a last load

my main regret being that we didn't get to have a large 'bunker buster' party for all

we who built it should be able to destroy it

if it's over, it's over, not carrying on in a different way, kind of.

at least when we left the perou factory, 'they' (the man) destroyed it completely

erasing all trace of us

no wait, maybe that's worse...?

it amuses me the only book title easily read here is one titled 'DIY'