Perous Secret Diary - Stay Out! Photo diary of photographer Perou 9630 Perou March 24, 2017: mr bunny STAR March 24, 2017

saw a man about a house

a good one, finally...but can we afford it?

DTT with bunny for his shoot with esteemed photographer, gerrard gethings 

one day after his split claw-nail removal (mr.bunny's not gez's)

went shopping in town

lost my car park ticket so had to pay £40 for 45 minutes parking

double GRRRRR


met up with lucy and sons

to the science museum for late night robotics adventure

so good to be there, at night, almost alone: it was a like a private view

9629 Perou March 23, 2017: FUCK OFF TERRORISTS March 23, 2017

what shall i drive today?

my black ferrari or my gold london taxi?

9628 Perou March 22, 2017: triple chin March 22, 2017

me and the bunny are competing to see who can grow the most chins

9627 Perou March 21, 2017: new potatoes March 21, 2017

DTT at 5am

photographed legendary actor 'ray winstone' at the bunker for a while.

ray was super easy to photograph: very chill, very playful, very suave.
he was born in the same hospital as maximum and z: hommerton: the best place to have a baby or get stitched up after getting stabbed

(re)worked some more marilyn manson images for a while


in time for fajitas 

9626 Perou March 20, 2017: international day of happiness March 20, 2017

new work by maximum

wishing y'all happy

9625 Perou March 19, 2017: narcissus March 19, 2017

9624 Perou March 18, 2017: stand out March 18, 2017

it's good to be different 

9623 Perou March 17, 2017: my designated driver / carer / lover March 17, 2017

went to see a horrible house in a 'nice' street, in cunterbury

we've been looking for over a year and STILL a half decent house evades us

in reality, there have been a lot of houses to see but we have 'unusual' champagne tastes and beer money.

this house was only good for demolition-ing

my driver took us to london, to pick up back seats, dying bamboo, some rat poison and a package from an architect.

i had to change my shirt because i wasn't wearing a bib while i ate as we drove

returned via maidstone and swopped one (courtesy) jeep for another

countdown till the (hopeful) abandonment of crutches: T minus 12

9622 Perou March 16, 2017: z is 12 March 16, 2017

i'm a little older

happy birthday z

we got him a bed (yesterday in hastings)

there were pancakes for breakfast and pizzas for dinner

the happy birthday film (patriot day) didn't go down too well: too many dismembered body parts and too much reality

unlike my brother who now looks like captain birdseye

i will be shaving my facial hairs soon

9621 Perou March 15, 2017: hastings March 15, 2017