Perous Secret Diary - Stay Out! Photo diary of photographer Perou 10371 Perou May 26, 2018: happy 70th auntie angie May 26, 2018

after some more hours of painting walls white, drove to surrey hills, with z, for auntie angela's 70th birthday

here's a photo dad-dad took of my assembled cousins

10372 Perou May 26, 2018: May 26, 2018

10373 Perou May 26, 2018: May 26, 2018

10376 Perou May 26, 2018: May 26, 2018

yours truly, dale, carl, dawn, julie, (brother) mark and sheena

i love my family

we don't get together often enough: we used to see each other all the time

10375 Perou May 26, 2018: May 26, 2018

10377 Perou May 26, 2018: May 26, 2018

here's a picture my dad took with auntie angie in the picture too, along with his thumb

had a very happy day

RTK in heavy rain, stopping for a deer in the middle of the road, down a lane outside of smallfield

quiet magical

back in time for heavy thunder and lightning storm

mr.bunny going nutzoid

10369 Perou May 25, 2018: before May 25, 2018

(click back a couple of days)

good to check back and see where we've come from


BTT (biked to town) picked up prints at print space and had another go at scanning the negs

got the same results

returned to buy interpolation software: went with alien skin blow up 3: like it

auntie pat's bacon, onion, cheese and tomato casserole for dinner

washed down with pink champagne (thankyou vicki lord)

10370 Perou May 25, 2018: for the lazy of back-clicking May 25, 2018

10368 Perou May 24, 2018: chillin... May 24, 2018

while others work

DTT for a shoot with bojack horseman aka will arnett

dodged the large film shoot going on at the bunker currently, loaded up with kit and set off with be told the shoot was off

salvaged some of Thursday by bringing friday forward

met HH for a coffee to scheme TV schemes

scanned some negs at printspace
RTK to find the scans I had done arnett ;) big enough for purpose: DOH!

this dog lazy: only gets out of bed to savage the uninvited.

10366 Perou May 23, 2018: MIck May 23, 2018