Perous Secret Diary - Stay Out! Photo diary of photographer Perou 9911 Perou August 23, 2017: D516 August 23, 2017

9910 Perou August 22, 2017: THIS IS THE GATE OF HEAVEN August 22, 2017

and the gate keeper

weird to find them both in bromley by bow

round the corner from the skate park, of which z was nervously navigating round the perimeter of today

i am jet-lagged

i used to think flying round the world to work was glamorous. now i think it's just long distance commuting 

i like being other places: i don't like getting there

or trying to climatise at either end

hoping someone (anyone) will invent a teleportation device soon

9905 Perou August 21, 2017: more ambiguous scenes from a marilyn manson video shoot August 21, 2017

excuse me while i offload a few more behind the (ob)scenes photos that give away almost nothing

as i spent today too delirious to photograph anything new...

9906 Perou August 21, 2017: bill and zachs top knot August 21, 2017

writer, director and editor bill 

co-producer and AD zach

9907 Perou August 21, 2017: the number of the beast August 21, 2017

9908 Perou August 21, 2017: stoeps crocs and socks August 21, 2017

this was not an ironic play on contemporary fashion

this is how our german D.O.P rolls: in comfort

9909 Perou August 21, 2017: tony August 21, 2017

tony, the gaffer, taking a ride

9904 Perou August 20, 2017: monkey magic August 20, 2017

after 4hrs sleep and 'lunch' with bill, zip and madelyn

rushed to the airport thinking i was late, getting lost on my way to return the camaro, screaming as i took another wrong turn onto another freeway going the wrong way

arrived sweaty mess to find the flight was and hour later than i thought AND then it was delayed

as sleep tonight in my cosy upper farce bed travelling back to blighty, i hope i don't have nightmares about marilyn mansion's monkey

or the picture he kept showing me on his phone over the last few days

9903 Perou August 19, 2017: more behind the (ob)scenes August 19, 2017

marilyn manson marathon main event (night 4)

for the first time in 19 years m.manson was on set and ready before we were ready to shoot him

me and bill arrived on set at 4pm and left at 4.30am (tomorrow)

after a slow start from some technical difficulties, steamed all through the night with two cameras and crews working simultaneously

there will be no spoilers here


we came, we saw, we conquered.

manson's performance was probably his strongest in years: man's on fire

drove bill and me back to west hollywood at 4.30am so delirious, we almost didn't make it

9900 Perou August 18, 2017: GO for manson August 18, 2017

on the third day of manson, my true love gave to me...

started in the cosy studio east of highland and south of sunset 

didn't want to prematurely trouble manson so when he texted to say 'what's the plan?', i casually dropped in that we MIGHT shoot some video after the stills

i neglected to mention the small film crew and rather large prop we'd have there ready to catch some performance a day ahead of schedule

'it'll be a nice surprise'