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my next car

my next car

it's the neighbour's actually.

when i raise the drawbridge at the bunker, in the morning, this is a common view.

did not sleep well.

too much going on with the magazine / work and with what mrs.perou is scheming.

also have a suspected spider bite on my middle finger from when i was weeding at farm yesterday.
(thought i'd been stung by a nettle but have two puncture marks and finger is turning septic)

'popped' my finger and spent the morning working on EDICT

drove into town and into a wall, destroying the back quarter panel of the perou-mobile.

had an expensive meeting about doing some charity work for nothing

drove to andy's in the west.

tried to do a straight swop: the old and new perou-mobiles together (i still own the yukon) for a 1967 shelby mustang

my yukon and escalade together still left me £85,000 short

RTB pissed off, having a conversation en route on whether we should self-censor the EDICT cover for the sake of our stockists(?)

hitting the srongbow hard while i consider this.

i still have to write up the interview i did last week.