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got up early and painted the bow bunker stairs a bad shade of yellow ("light oak")

drove west to collect my spanish lady chauffeur

who drove me further west to bristol

where we briefly met dyskodave 

on the way back to london we stopped for a marks and sparks salad.

my spanish lady chauffeur, looking at my lunch, said, 'are those pick-cheese? i don't like pick-cheese'

'they are not pick-cheese...', i said, '...they are chickpeas'

'it's the same thing: i don't like them' 

'it is not the same thing'.

RTB changed swiftly 

noticed that i have made the stairs at the bunker worse and that they will now need much more sorting out.

spoke for some (cider-fuelled) minutes at hasselblad's shootLDN event in the truman brewery.

which seemed to go well.

although no-one mentioned my 'COCAINE BLOWS' t-shirt


ate chinese (food) at YI BAN: the strange restaurant out near shitty airport.

i have started photographing dead foxes again.

like an itchy scab i couldn't leave alone