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margate or bust

margate or bust

third dick about of the week: something in the air/stars?

this time, as i was travelling to a shoot in margate (given to me because i live in whitstable...which i don't) the commissioning picture editor of a the magazine called to say the location i was to photograph was closed today...so the shoot was cancelled.

you'd think one might check this before commissioning me to go there, or tell me before i was on the way there?

continued to margate with the great miron (zownir) who is staying with us for a week while he photographs around england.

drove on to clifftonville then ramsgate on photo safari.

discussed job sharing with miron: he could do with some of the money i earn from commissioned photography and i could do with some of his credibility and lack of clients-from-hell.
miron suggested i start photographing cars, and to start with my corvette

dropped miron at the train back to london and RTDDK nowhere too near whitstable