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wherever i lay my crutches, thats my home...

wherever i lay my crutches, thats my home...

new, go-faster, soft ergonomic grip, carbon fibre, black crutches with reflectors for night hobbling 

finally not in pain as i wobble around the world

trouble is, now i've slipped a disc (this is not DJ related) so i'm good while i'm active but when i'm really tired and i wanna lie flat, i'm in agony.

could NOT sleep last night, so boosted to london with mr.bunny in the dark, to assess the storm damage outside of the bunker.

the inside of the bunker obviously didn't notice the extreme weather front: it's a bunker: the walls are 13" thick: when the apocalypse comes, head to the bunker: it's noah's arc and by then we might have laser canons on the turrets)