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for the record

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i find nemo

i find nemo

(photo: lucy)

after the sons did some riding on horses and another hour filling hay nets and picking up horse shit

retired to the beach 

with a view to a kill.

i've never spear-fished before

i didn't have enough weights or the recommended camo wetsuit or the best fins

on my first swim out i got a fish

but it got away somehow: the one that got away

my second swim out, i shot a fish and got it in to shore

my third swim out, the speargun broke: the wishbone catch for the bands snapped in half

and my spear-fishing was cut short

**amendment: apparently people in the channel isles east wrasse. some says it taste of nothing. some say it tastes like shit :o

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the wrong fish...

the wrong fish...

...at the right time

i got a wrasse

wrasse are not eaters

fortunately, we had anticipated that i might not be providing fresh fish for the BBQ and we'd brought sausages and steak burgers ali had sent us from dukeshill.

please tell me this is a wrasse and i didn't discard a perfectly edible fish

finished with a little sunbathing

and a plastic and litter pick up on the beach: took a whole bin bag away