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happy birthday Lucy

happy birthday Lucy

THE most beautiful girl, inside and out

I am SO blessed and lucky to have her as my travel companion in life

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up to some tropical stormage which quickly cleared to hot sun

thought it would be good to have a cooling jacuzzi on our private roof terrance

which was private till three, male, hotel staff let themselves in and crept upstairs with a surprise birthday cake for Lucy

fortunately Lucy had just got out the tub and was wearing a towel

I was still in my birthday suit: lying on my back, now with my legs crossed

this didn't deter the hotel staff who placed the cake down on the edge of the jacuzzi and said 'now can we sing you 'happy birthday?'

which they did, seemingly unphased by my lack of outfit or our crying with laughter 

the pink you see isn't sunburn: it's a crazy shade of awwwwwwkward

quite a memorable birthday moment

followed by cocktails at WILD and dinner at casa banana where Lucy says she had the most delicious food of her WHOLE life (which unexpectedly was a lamb risotto with a crusted parmesan topping)

traffic jams in Tulum these days with huge coaches trying to deliver package tours to beachside hotels

end of (chilled Tulum) days

the later forecast rain didn't come.

moped home dodging suicidal crabs running the road-crossing gauntlet