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clown in town

clown in town

in the context of yesterday's diary post, you can see things have stayed the same.

several times, last night, i chuckled to myself, re: how i roll.

"why have you got a neon sign with you?" i was asked on arriving.

i replied deadpan, 'oh, i take it everywhere i go'

in ACTUAL fact, metaphorically, i kind of do.

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(photo: ms maria monfort plana)

i DID wear my stars and stripes onesie, on the hottest day of the year so far, in a room without air con.

after our meeting with will young and his peoples (inc. lovely terri of the hall) this morning, to discuss a new collaboration...

had to get the air con in the perou-mobile fixed as me and maria were boiling up in there.

lunched at the eagle on askew road, which is very pleasant.
sat in the garden and played cards.

maria is OBSESSED with playing cards but it's good to relax to: calms the pre-speak nerves.

i can meet anyone on a one to one and photograph them these days and i am NEVER (any longer) nervous about it.
i used to be.
but these days i am extremely confident in what i can do, where i fit in the world and how to relate to (any) people.
but speaking to an audience is something that i am still learning to do.
i AM getting better
i WILL get good at it.

drove to oxford.
walked round to the oxford union where i had been invited to talk about myself and my work.
contrary to popular opinion, i don't like talking about myself.

fortunately, i had the sense to bring a slideshow with me

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leaving post speaking, and taking my (heavy) pink neon sign with me.

(thankyou again to matt, thor, mary and everyone else from focus for their kind, useful gift)

yes: i wear road-safety-at-night boots by reebok.

unlike my last speech in manila, i did not throw up immediately afterwards.

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lord goodman

lord goodman

LOVE this bust of lord goodman, that looks like it was scuplted as he was driving fast in an open top automobile.

very wallace and gromit.

LOVED oxford too

and a big thankyou to everyone who made me so welcome and came to hear me speak on a beautiful sunny evening when there is SO much better to do when you're at university.

home by 2.30am a little beat