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the monolith from 2001

the monolith from 2001

aka. our baby blue SMEG fridge 

necessary and not to be abandoned in the house clearance

my favourite fridge too, and i've had few

like this one even more than the mini fridge under my desk that's full of chocolate and strongbow

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there is a lot of really good light in new/old house

i love the movement of old glass

this rippled glass is good stuff too

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half of new/old house is decorated

the other half...

saw mave the other day and she said she thinks about us everytime it rains

when it rains outside, it rains inside parts of new/old house too

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some of these shadows are scaffolding

DTT to photograph her artness, cathie pilkington's latest work 

at her studio in hackney

tried to steal 'tulip' her gorgeous one eyed pug but got busted

left with wonderful art instead

drove into hatton gardens to see a man about a dog watch

returned past special agent jamie's for delicious meringue and fruit coulis that he and his lucy had made


was welcomed home with 'I HATE YOU' from my delightful son z

whilst coincidentally receiving a photo of him, from crispin, when he was 6 and still sweet