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a perfect day

a perfect day

on joss bay beach before 8am

for a bracing swim in the sea before breakfast

there was a £10 (bribe) for first in: it was maximum's

BEST way to start a day 

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washed the bunny and walked round the antique fair in (faversham) town with him and lucy

went on a 30 mile, leisurely, perou-bike ride through graveney /whitstable /herne bay and back

way too any people speeding on the back roads: coming round corners on the wrong side of the road

kind of spoiling the biking experience: having to concern myself with who's going to kill me

stopped at the assembly rooms for a violin and cello recital which was wonderful
except lucy had to leave, to take a call from z, who was just calling to tell us about the argument that he was having with maximum

sat in the garden, in the walled sun trap drinking pink champagne
with two magpies trying to intimidate happy the kitten, out of the garden

another glorious day