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continued writing for the Marilyn Manson book

then caught an easy train to London with this page 3 stunner

don't say 'marshmallow'

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"max, a bowl of dry cereal is not dinner'

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is it wrong that I'd retouch any other woman in photos (just a polish not body dysmorphia) but I never retouch pictures of Lucy?

she doesn't need it, like she doesn't need makeup: she wears very little: a bit of mascara and she's done. 

don't fess with perfect.

if you don't know already you would not believe how young she is

we got to london early enough to have some delicious scran (food) off sloane square.

i realised as i was sitting with this lady, that i feel the same level excitement to be in her company as i did when i first met her 21 years ago.

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acid house ltd

acid house ltd

we were in London Town for the 'sweet harmony' rave culture show at the saatchi gallery, that our friend James lee Duffy and his writing partner josh josh jones did the fanzine catalogue for

was a great show and we enjoyed bumping into lots of old friends

then we bumped into THIS: a smiley face riot shield by (the) jimmy caughty

me and lucy have a (new) property company called ACID HOUSE Ltd

so this riot shield HAD to come home with us

shortly after buying it, jimmy walked in.

I asked him if he'd sign the shield again and reintroduced myself: I photographed the KLF a long while ago: as old men ramming people, riding electric wheelchairs through the streets of shoreditch, one holding a floppy, recently dead swan and one holding a crossbow 

was good to catch up with him and everyone else we hadn't seen in ages

back to kent on a slow and hot train full of drunk people