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shallow breaths

shallow breaths

thank y'all for dad-dad well wishes 

he'a actually been BACK in hospital for something else

but now back home trying to recover and sleep sitting bolt upright

in other news

£18,000 to remove the asbestos from our new old house

a giant 'fuck you' to (us and) all responsible...only they probably died of asbestosis already

something i have to look forward to having been unknowingly 'playing' with it

not a happy bunny

this house will be the death of me

the house that keeps on giving

before we can sort the asbestos we need to clear another 3-4 tons of CRAP

and we found a frog in the garden, which i kept for delighted maximum who drew him and let him go in our 'other' (rental) garden

frog relocation

i expect the frog is also unamused today