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took sons to brands hatch to see the american (car) speedfest

there were LOTS of american cars.
z was happy to look at them, maximum was not

there were some overpriced monster truck rides which we avoided, a little nascar racing (which the sons were entertained for 3 laps of) some VERY overpriced disgusting food, which we had to throw away in disgust.

it was cold and almost raining.
sons did not last long enough for us to see our friend mick drive around in his nascar 

the highlight of sons' american speedfest experience was 'daddy-doing-doughnuts' in the grass field carpark, in the perou-mobile, after noticing a mustang doing the same.

'this is how i blew the gear box of my old trans-am the day i met your mum' i said, over giggling, whooping sons.

RTF then DTT picking up tawfiq at medway services on the way.

went to see abrar perform some asian jazz fusion wonderful thing with arun ghosh at rich mix.

if you see tawfiq in the street and he's smoking, please punch him in the face.
after his suspected heart attack and 8hrs in hospital last week, where the doctors told him to quit or die soon: he needs a little help from his friends.